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24 Jan
Cariad Part II

[gallery ids="15565,15564,15570,15567,15568,15569"]   The Cariad range is starting to take shape, it's slow but I feel like I am starting to make some headway with the range.   I liked the initial shape of the seat and the backrest but I didn't like the edge detailing. I removed the...

05 Jan

So I thought I would be finished by now but I am only just starting! The whole point of Thirty was to allow me to design products which I regularly interact with but don't feel live up to their potential. As well as allowing me to design...

03 Jan
Cariad Initial working design

So I am working on a new dining and living room set at the moment. At the moment I'm calling it Cariad which is the Welsh word for love. I am trying to understand more and more the difference between the culture of design and the...