Ceri Almrott | Aurora
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March 26, 2010

Medical Design, Product Design
About This Project

Aurora is a proposed range of illuminated spectacle frames designed to allow the user to either adjust for failing levels of light or to increase the light available to them for more detailed work such as reading, hobby craft or working in poorly lit locations.


Half light and low light conditions can cause irritation and difficulty to a large range of people as well as causing eyestrain and potentially allowing for accidents due to poor vision. This is particularly pronounced in those over the age of 40 due to macular degeneration.


The problems around this area were thoroughly investigated by the design team to find a solution and possible new product opportunity. This has led to a design proposal which is believed to solve a number of problems in this area.
The proposed product is a range of spectacle frames that illuminate the area directly in front of the user and allow the user to adjust the light intensity according to their need. The frames can also be used by people requiring illumination directly in front of them, such as hobbyists and readers.