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July 01, 2010

Furniture Design, Product Design
About This Project

Creative Glass LTD is a niche supplier of custom produced architectural and decorative glassware with strong links to the public art and the building trade. Creative Glass specialise in applying colour and texture to the surface of the material.

Based in Stockton-on-Tees Creative Glass operate across the country and are supplied by a wide and varied base of suppliers which allow the company to be exceedingly flexible with the type of product they can produce for clients.

The proposed product is an architectural structure for the garden, a glass arbour as it were, that utilises a photovoltaic module to create power. This power is utilised to illuminate the decorative glass used in its construction to transform the product in to an entertaining space during the night. With the current feed in tariff and photovoltaic modules on the market at the moment the product could also generate power for the user if they so wished.

Glass and large scale garden products are expected to grow in sales over the coming years as interest in exterior decoration and entertaining grows. Glass is currently undergoing populaist resurgence and is set to become the material of choice for quality products in the future.

It is intended that the product concept could reach market in the next 18months to two years with initial sales happening within the next year if due attention is paid to the product. However it is imperative that the correct external partners are found for production to ensure that the product has the quality and gravitas demanded by such a high price tag.

In order to reach full market penetration Creative Glass will need to employ a strong marketing presence to push the product in to public view and may need to find trade and sales partners in order to reach full sales potential. This will ensure that the product is fully marketed nationally and not only in the North East.

The most basic offering could retail for under £9,000 with the top of the range model retailing for upwards of £20,000. This will include all ancillary charges such as VAT and installation and deliver a healthy profit margin in line with Creative Glass’s current pricing strategy. Return on Investment should be relatively fast due to the low risk nature of the product.